2009: A new website arises... has had many visitors in the past 7 years and I really appreciate that. A lot of my visitors aren't german speakers, so I decided to relaunch my website for it's 7th birthday in english.

To organise everything in a new, more intuitive way, I also launched a second website It's about my trips and other car related things and, unfortunately, only available in german. But please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about I don't want to keep the great Swiss / Italian / German roads back from you!

At the time, is arising, so please be patient. If you want to get to the old site, visit the archive. You will find the old website there, as it was before 2009.

If you want to know more about the Caterham Super 7, congratulations and welcome in heaven! It's the most fun you can have with your pants on. But often, it's not easy to get some useful information right away. You can ask this one and that one and learn about the car in magazines or online. If you have the money and if you don't (want to) care, there are Caterham dealers in many countries (e.g. kumschick in Switzerland) and then, for you the story ends here. But if you want to own a Caterham the "Colin Chapman way", read on.

With this website, I want to share my experience and knowledge. At the age of 24, my first car was a Caterham and ever since, there never was an alternative (I have owned a Fisher Fury, a BMW E46 M3 and a motorbike). To get from A to B, I mostly use public transportation. I spend most of my money on the Caterham experience and have learned a lot since I first drove a Caterham back in 2000.

So to start, here is the most important tip: go and drive it! Owning and driving a Caterham is all about fun. Everything else doesn't really count.

As you can see at the top left of this page, there are sections for every step of becoming and enjoying Caterham ownership:

  • pre-buy: Before you give away your money, you should choose whisely. Most of the Caterhams can be upgraded to your dream specs, but the more you have to change, the more money you will have to spend (what an insight...). The total cost of some changes can be as much as a new Caterham.
  • buy: If you know which one to buy, the options don't stop yet: there are at least three ways to buy a Caterham. In the short and in the long run: some ways are more and some are less expensive. And some are more fun than others.

Last and least, I hope this website can give you what you were looking for. Have a lot of fun and feel free to write to me. I'm always happy to meet online or, preferably, on some alpine pass around europe!

PS: My Caterham experience ended/paused in 2010 when I sold my beloved "green lord" and my mad ring tool (BMW M3) in favour of a TVR Tamora (->